Silo Cast And Their Salary

Silo Cast And Their Salary: Silo is a Hollywood dystopian tv series, which is made by Graham Yost. Tv series silo is produced by Cassie Pappas, Jessica Blaire and Aric Avelino. Tv show star Rebecca Ferguson, Rashida Jones, David Oyelowo, Common, Tim Robbins and Harriet Walter. This tv show is based on novel Wool series, Which is written by Hugh Howey. The first season of Silo has 10 episodes. The tv series is released on 5 May 2023 on Apple TV+ . Here is the Silo Cast And Their Salary.

1. Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette Nichols

Salary of Rebecca Ferguson in Silo is $65,000 Per Day

2. Rashida Jones as Allison Becker

Salary of Rashida Jones in Silo is $40,000 Per Day

3. David Oyelowo as Holston Becker

Salary of David Oyelowo in Silo is $32,000 Per Day

4. Common as Robert Sims

Salary of Common in Silo is $30,000 Per Day

5. Tim Robbins as Bernard Holland

Salary of Tim Robbins in Silo is $25,000 Per Day

6. Harriet Walter as Martha Walker

Salary of Harriet Walter in Silo is $20,000 Per Day

7. Will Patton as Sam Marnes

Salary of Will Patton in Silo is $15,000 Per Day

8. Geraldine James as Ruth Jahns

Salary of Geraldine James in Silo is $15,000 Per Day

9. Sophie Thompson as Gloria Hildebrandt

Salary of Sophie Thompson in Silo is $10,000 Per Day

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