Flamin’ Hot Cast And Their Salary

Flamin’ Hot Cast And Their Salary: Flamin’ Hot is a Hollywood biographical comedy movie, which is directed by Eva Longoria. Movie Flamin’ Hot is produced by DeVon Franklin. Movie star Jesse Garcia, Annie Gonzalez, Dennis Haysbert, Tony Shalhoub and Emilio Rivera. This movie is based on the book A Boy, a Burrito and a Cookie: From Janitor to Executive, which was written by Richard Montañe.  The movie is released on 9 June 2023 on theatre. Here is the Flamin’ Hot Cast And Their Salary.

1. Jesse Garcia as Richard Montañez

Salary of Jesse Garcia in Flamin’ Hot is $ 500,000 

2. Annie Gonzalez as Judy Montañez

Salary of Annie Gonzalez in Flamin’ Hot is $ 250,000 

3. Dennis Haysbert as Clarence C. Baker

Salary of Dennis Haysbert in Flamin’ Hot is $ 200,000 

4. Tony Shalhoub as Roger Enrico

Salary of Tony Shalhoub in Flamin’ Hot is $ 160,000 

5. Emilio Rivera as Vacho Montañez

Salary of Emilio Rivera in Flamin’ Hot is $ 90,000 

6. Matt Walsh

Salary of Matt Walsh in Flamin’ Hot is $ 70,000 

7. Pepe Serna

Salary of Pepe Serna in Flamin’ Hot is $ 50,000 

8. Bobby Soto

Salary of Bobby Soto in Flamin’ Hot is $ 40,000 

Flamin’ Hot Trailer