Lincoln Cast And Their Salary

Lincoln Cast And Their Salary: Lincoln is a Hollywood biographical historical drama film, Which is directed and produced by Steven Spielberg. The film stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, David Strathairn, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and James Spader. Lincoln was produced by Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy. Lincoln was a huge hit and collected $275 million at the box office. This movie budget was $65 million. Here is the Lincoln Cast And Their Salary.

1. Daniel Day Lewis as U.S President Abraham Lincoln

Salary : $ 7 million

2. Sally Field as First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln

Salary : $ 1.5 million

3. David Strathairn as Secretary of State William H. Seward

Salary : $ 750,000

4. Gloria Reuben as Elizabeth Keckley

Salary : $ 550,000

5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robert Todd Lincoln

Salary : $ 400,000

6. Adam Driver as Samuel Beckwith

Salary : $ 400,000

7. Tommy Lee Jones as Republican Congressman

Salary : $ 350,000

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