Reptile Cast Salary

Reptile Cast Salary: Reptile is a Hollywood crime thriller movie, Which is directed by Grant Singer. Movie Reptile is produced by Molly Smith, Thad Luckinbill and Trent Luckinbill. Movie star Benicio del Toro, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Silverstone, Michael Pitt and Ato Essandoh. The film is released on 6 October 2023 on Netflix. Here is the Reptile Cast Salary.

1. Benicio del Toro as Detective Tom Nichols

Salary of Benicio del Toro in Reptile is $2 million 

2. Justin Timberlake as Will Grady

Salary of Justin Timberlake in Reptile is $7 million 

3. Alicia Silverstone as Judy Nichols

Salary of Alicia Silverstone in Reptile is $1.25 million 

4. Michael Pitt as Eli Phillips

Salary of Michael Pitt in Reptile is $400,000

5. Ato Essandoh as Detective Dan Cleary

Salary of Ato Essandoh in Reptile is $300,000

6. Domenick Lombardozzi as Wally

Salary of Domenick Lombardozzi in Reptile is $200,000

7. Karl Glusman as Sam Gifford

Salary of Karl Glusman in Reptile is $250,000

8. Matilda Lutz as Summer Elswick

Salary of Matilda Lutz in Reptile is $150,000

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