Argylle Cast Salary

Argylle Cast Salary: Argylle is a Hollywood spy action comedy movie, Which is directed and produced by Matthew Vaughn. Movie Argylle star Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Dua Lipa Ariana DeBose and John Cena. The film is released on 2 February 2024 on theatre. Here is the Argylle Cast Salary.

1. Henry Cavill as Argylle

Salary of Henry Cavill in Priscilla is $10 million 

2. Bryce Dallas Howard as Elly Conway

Salary of Bryce Dallas Howard in Priscilla is $5 million 

3. Sam Rockwell as Aiden

Salary of Sam Rockwell in Priscilla is $750,000

4. Bryan Cranston

Salary of Bryan Cranston in Priscilla is $550,000

5. Catherine O’Hara as Elly’s mother

Salary of Catherine O’Hara in Priscilla is $320,000

6. Dua Lipa

Salary of Dua Lipa in Priscilla is $500,000

7. Ariana DeBose

Salary of Ariana DeBose in Priscilla is $200,000

8. John Cena

Salary of John Cena in Priscilla is $750,000

9. Samuel L. Jackson

Salary of Samuel L. Jackson in Priscilla is $2 million 

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