Zoey 102 Cast And Their Salary

Zoey 102 Cast And Their Salary: Zoey 102 is a Hollywood comedy drama movie, which is directed by Nancy Hower. Movie Zoey 102 is produced by Shauna Phelan and Zack Olin. Movie star Jamie Lynn Spears, Sean Flynn, Christopher Massey, Erin Sanders and Matthew Underwood. The movie is released on 27 July 2023 on Paramount+. Here is the Zoey 102 Cast And Their Salary.

1. Jamie Lynn Spears as Zoey Brooks

Salary of Jamie Lynn Spears in Zoey 102 is $ 400,000

2. Sean Flynn as Chase Matthews

Salary of Sean Flynn in Zoey 102 is $ 150,000

3. Christopher Massey as Michael Barret

Salary of Christopher Massey in Zoey 102 is $ 120,000

4. Erin Sanders as Quinn Pensky

Salary of Erin Sanders in Zoey 102 is $ 100,000

5. Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese

Salary of Matthew Underwood in Zoey 102 is $ 80,000

6. Abby Wilde as Stacy Dillsen

Salary of Abby Wilde in Zoey 102 is $ 50,000

7. Jack Salvatore Jr. as Mark Del Figalo

Salary of Jack Salvatore Jr. in Zoey 102 is $ 40,000

8. Owen Thiele as Archer March

Salary of Owen Thiele in Zoey 102 is $ 25,000

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