Top 10 South Indian Stars Who Are Organ Donors

Top 10 South Indian Stars Who Are Organ Donors: These 10 south indian actors have pledge to donate their organs to needy one to save their lives.

1. Kajal Aggarwal :- This beautiful south Indian actress has pledged to donate her eyes. The actress took this decision after she did Do Lafzon Ki Kahaani where she was playing the role of a blind person.

2. Suriya :- Suriya is famous for his social activities. The actor has pledged to donate his organs. The actor has asked everyone to come forward for this noble cause too.

3. Samantha Akkineni :- One of the most beautiful actresses of South Indian cinema, Samantha too has come forward in this noble cause. The actress has pledged to donate her organs and has asked her fans to do so.

4. R Madhavan :- The actor has pledged to donate eyes, lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas and many more organs. The actor has revealed that he feels happy to be able to donate organs.

5. Vijay Setupathi :- Master actor, Vijay Setupathi has pledged to donate his eyes for the betterment of society. The actor announced this while opening an eye hospital. He wants to give people chance to see the world.

6. Rajanikanth :- The Thalaiva of South Indian film industry, Rajanikanth has pledged to donate his eyes. The actor has done several campaigns regarding the donation of eyes.

7. Trisha Krisnan :- This popular actress made her fans proud when she announced that she has pledged to donate organs. The actress has even requested her fans to do the same thing for people too.

8. Kamal Haasan :- This actor always thinks about the good of society and he was among the firsts who started campaigning to donate organs. The actor himself and around 70 people from his club has pledged to donate organ.

9. Vishal :- This popular South Indian action hero has pledged to donate his organs during an event. He has urged his fans to donate organs for the betterment of life.

10. Sneha & Prasanna :- This real life partners have come forward in this social cause too. They have pledged to donate their organs.