TikTok Star Addison Rae’s New Movie ‘He’s All That’ Release Date REVEALED !

Addison Rae’s movie is coming to Netflix and we are all about to be able to stream her acting debut, here is everything we know:

Tiktok star now turned actress Addison Rae just shared some incredibly exciting news. First to catch anyone up to speed that needs some catching up. Addison Rae is making her big screen acting debut later this year in her first movie. The movie she will be starring in is called He’s All That and it is a gender swapped remake of the classic 1990s rom-com, she’s all that that starred Rachel lee cook, freddie prince jr paul walker and gabrielle union to name just a few stars from the original film.

The big news just dropped all over the internet that the upcoming movie whose release date is expected later this year but exact dates unclear for now is coming to Netflix, yes that is right he’s all that starring addison ray is coming to netflix . You will be able to stream it from the comfort of your own home couch, bed, phone, toilet wherever you stream your Netflix goodness you’re gonna be able to watch addison ray on your home screen yep.

Netflix has picked up the rights to the miramax film He’s all that , sources told deadline that this deal is worth over 20 million dollars. Deadline also said that sources told them that the fact that addison ray the viral tik tok sensation is tied to this movie is the reason quote why this remake took off . Apparently due to Addison’s involvement quote tik tok also came on board to back the project. So you might be thinking what is this movie going to be about and who else besides addison as it is going to be in this movie well we have got you covered here at. In the gender-swapped version of she’s all matte Addison Rae will star alongside cobra kai’s Tanner Buchanan and Rachel Lee Cook who was actually the lead in the original version of this film She’s all that.

As for plotline Addison is going to star as a character named Padgett sawyer and her character is going to be inspired actually by Freddie Prince’s Junior’s original role as Zachary Seiler. In this movie she Addison is going to be an influencer both in real life and in the movie. Where she will accept a challenge to turn the biggest loser from school who is Buchanan in this into a prom king, in this new spin of the original the movie will be told from the teenage girls point of view aka from Addison’s point of view oh my goodness how perfect could this role be for her she’s going to play an influencer

Playing an influencer if her acting skills aren’t quite up to yet to par when all she’s got to do is be herself and she is a a shoe-in for this role so obviously she was super excited about it addison posted on her instagram a screenshot from the deadline article that announced the news of where the movie finally landed

The article includes a still from the film itself which shows Addison and jeans and a sweater riding a horse next to a smiling Tanner Buchanan from Cobra kai , who also is riding horseback Addison’s caption read dream come true at netflix 190 countries quote insane with the head exploding emoji. i think my head would explode too if i was coming to netflix. addison has over 36.7 million followers on her instagram and that is less than half the 73 78.3 million she has on tik tok and it feels like an understatement to say the fans were going crazy for the news, comments included quote congrats cutie let’s go i’m so very proud of you quote i can’t wait to watch ah and quote you’re kidding me, i’m gonna cry stop and a lot more omgs and i’m proud of yous so guys how excited are you for this movie. Do you think her acting debut is going to be amazing either way it is definitely exciting we want to know everything.