The Retirement Plan Cast And Their Salary

The Retirement Plan Cast And Their Salary: The Retirement Plan is a Hollywood comedy actionmovie, which is directed by Tim Brown. Movie The Retirement Plan is produced by Doug Murray, William G. Santor and Nicholas Tabarrok. Movie star Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, Ashley Greene, Jackie Earle Haley and  Joel David Moore. The movie The Retirement Plan is released on 25 August 2023 on theatre. Here is the The Retirement Plan Cast And Their Salary.

1. Nicolas Cage as Matt

Salary of Nicolas Cage in The Retirement Plan is $ 5 million 

2. Ron Perlman as Bobo

Salary of Ron Perlman in The Retirement Plan is $ 350,000

3. Ashley Greene as Ashley

Salary of Ashley Greene in The Retirement Plan is $ 550,000

4. Jackie Earle Haley as Donnie

Salary of Jackie Earle Haley in The Retirement Plan is $ 200,000

5. Joel David Moore as Fitzsimmons

Salary of Joel David Moore in The Retirement Plan is $ 150,000

6. Ernie Hudson

Salary of Ernie Hudson in The Retirement Plan is $ 200,000

7. Grace Byers

Salary of Grace Byers in The Retirement Plan is $ 80,000

8. Rick Fox

Salary of Rick Fox in The Retirement Plan is $ 50,000

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