The Dirty Dozen Cast

The Dirty Dozen Cast: The Dirty Dozen is a Hollywood war film, Which is directed by Robert Aldrich. The film stars Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson, Jim Brown. The Dirty Dozen is produced by Kenneth Hyman. The film was a made on a budget of $5.4 million and collected $45.3 million from box office. The film is released on 15 June 1967 on theatres. Here is the Dirty Dozen Cast.

1. Lee Marvin as Major John Reisman

2. Ernest Borgnine as Major General Sam Worden

3. Charles Bronson as Joseph Wladislaw

4. Jim Brown as Robert T. Jefferson

5. John Cassavetes as Victor R. Franko

6. Richard Jaeckel as Sergeant Clyde Bowren

7. George Kennedy as Major Max Armbruster

8. Ralph Meeker as Captain Stuart Kinder

The Dirty Dozen Trailer