The Book of Clarence Cast Salary

The Book of Clarence Cast Salary: The Book of Clarence is a Hollywood bibilical epic movie, Which is written and directed by Jeymes Samuel. Movie The Book of Clarence is produced by LaKeith Stanfield, Omar Sy, RJ Cyler, Anna Diop, David Oyelowo and Micheal Ward. The film is released on 12 January 2023 on Theatres. Here is the The Book of Clarence Cast Salary.

1. LaKeith Stanfield as Clarence

Salary of LaKeith Stanfield in The Book of Clarence is $ 550,000

2. Omar Sy

Salary of Omar Sy in The Book of Clarence is $ 300,000

3. RJ Cyler

Salary of RJ Cyler in The Book of Clarence is $ 200,000

4. David Oyelowo

Salary of David Oyelowo in The Book of Clarence is $ 120,000

5. Alfre Woodard

Salary of Alfre Woodard in The Book of Clarence is $ 200,000

6. Teyana Taylor

Salary of Teyana Taylor in The Book of Clarence is $ 150,000

7. Caleb McLaughlin

Salary of Caleb McLaughlin in The Book of Clarence is $ 150,000

8. James McAvoy

Salary of James McAvoy in The Book of Clarence is $ 250,000

9. Benedict Cumberbatch

Salary of Benedict Cumberbatch in The Book of Clarence is $ 500,000

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