Stars at Noon Starcast And Their Salary

Stars at Noon Starcast And Their Salary: Stars at Noon is a Hollywood romantic thriller film, Which is directed by Claire Denis, This movie is based on the novel The Stars at Noon, which is written by Denis Johnson. Film stars Margaret Qualley, Joe Alwyn, Danny Ramirez, Benny Safdie and John C. Reilly. The film is released on October 14, 2022. Here is the salary of Stars at Noon Starcast.

1. Margaret Qualley as Trish

Salary : $ 700,000

2. Joe Alwyn as Daniel

Salary : $ 600,000

3. Danny Ramirez as Costa Rican Policeman

Salary : $ 300,000

4. Benny Safdie as CIA Man

Salary : $ 200,000

5. John C. Reilly as American Boss

Salary : $ 300,000

6. Robin Duran as Costa Rican Border Chief

Salary : $ 150,000