Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar Movie Review and Rating

In 2017 Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor started shooting for the Dibakar Banerjee Directed and by YRF produced film Sandeep aur Pinky Faraar. This was a prospect that i was excited for as i’m a huge debarker banerjee fan. I think most of his films go under the radar and the masses are not privy to some of the most compelling commentary that he has showcased through his films. this collaboration was to release in march of 2020, but was delayed due to the pandemic and i wondered as the theatrical run of film started what happened to this movie. Somehow now this is all speculation by the way that this production almost, i guess went into the back burner of YRF and its future plans. There was little to no promotion for it and sadly the case regarding the film is that it will clearly exit out of theaters very soon. What’s crazy is the absolute hatred that is being channelized towards the film, simply for the association of the people involved in it and secondly how probably Parineeti’s best work in the last three or four years goes under the radar in contrast to her not so pleasing performances that are advertised on all platforms. Irrespective Sandeep aur Pinky Faraar focuses on a suspended haryana police officer Pinky played by Arjun Kapoor that is instructed by his superiors to accompany a successful banker Sandeep played by Parineeti Chopra.

Only to realize that there has been a setup to eliminate both of them, after skillfully dodging the bullet the film follows the tube sconding and slowly unravels the skeletons in each character’s closet, here’s me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether to watch it in theaters or not

The underwhelming aspects the slow narrative one of the objective criticisms of the film that i completely agree with is that despite being only two hours and six minutes long the screenplay of the film especially in its second half takes the shape of a snail. It’s slow it tests your patience and does make you contemplate on where it is headed. I understand the creator’s intention to purposefully have a lack of stimuli while being a thriller so that the audience can feel a sense of realism with the storyline. The film has this odd way of revealing the most jaw-dropping information in regular conversations.

Hence the twists lack a sense of bite or exhilaration but i’ve also realized that this is a Dibakar Banerjee staple he places characters interacting with one another like any discussion you may see in your surroundings, rather than characters projecting and performing those same dialogues. Audiences that are not used to this sense of minimalism therefore denote the film to be boring or eclectic, which i agree in some way or the other.

The good Set up : I’m a huge fan of visual technique in films in which the story is communicated. We often undermine the quality of the opening scene to hook the indian audience immediately. You look at the brilliant opening scene of Gangs of Vasepur or the running sequence that starts with Rockstar, it doesn’t provide you context of where or why those characters are doing what they are doing, but it immediately makes you curious about the world you are being transported to. The opening sequence of Sandeep aur Pinky Faraar will be remembered as one of the most slick and technically well executed shots. In one of the moments there’s a long running shot of men interacting with one another as they drive on the streets of gurgaon.

Streets that everyone from the Delhi Ncr region will recognize and it’s so well crafted by DOP Anil Mehta and Dibakar Banerjee and i’m sad that a lot of people don’t give credit to the technical brilliance that stands out in films such as this.

The attention to detail and commentary what is absolutely a Dibakar Banerjee staple is that he and his storylines has such an attention to detail which elevates the ultimate impact of the movie, the man is also a fan of subtext rather than spoon feeding you what he is trying to say a rarity in hindi cinema sadly and a quality of a director that is often pushed away in the category of art cinema or denounced as boring through many sequences of Sandeep aur Pinky Faraar the Dibakar Banerjee actually provides a commentary not only on gender but also on society and its structure.

Without being preachy about it the film has the ability to communicate everyday realities with just simple conversations. a group of men discussing whether women wearing makeup are asking for it. the inability of an investigating cop to accept that a layered and clever plan can be executed by a woman. the shock with which one looks at another man while being provided professional advice by a woman or simply everyone waiting till the patriarch of the family has his first bite on the table.

This weird stamp of approval from individuals that act as the harbingers of respect and honor is actually murdered with deeply inherent biases. what really does make a man or a woman in society why do we equate only certain traits to one gender. Cleverly the backer presents this commentary while naming the professionally successful woman as Sandeep and the downtrodden and naive suspended cop Pinky.

The film also skillfully showcases the class divide in our country what is one’s reality is considered either a dream or an inconvenience to the other. While shoes are almost chucked at a domestic help in a luxury apartment in the middle of a conversation. We also see the disgust with which an affluent lady simply pees in a public toilet. The images are real uncomfortable and sometimes really tough to watch, which makes the ultimate message of the film hit deep.

The importance of a director : As i was previously saying the Dibakar and the commentary he does showcase through his stories often are not raved about or covered by the masses. It also has to do with the fact that many of his films are eccentric and not financially successful but you would be crazy to deny that movies like Khosla ka Ghosla. Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Byomkesh Bakshi or even his shorts and ghost stories and bombay talkies were not examples of brilliant storytelling, my point of talking about his skill as a director is that he has the ability to even churn out some of the best performances by actors.

Sandeep aur Pinky Faraar is a clear example of what a great Director can produce from actors that are often considered to be simply not good enough or allows them to get back into the groove of where they left off. Arjun kapoor embodies the body language and physicality required for a man from the haryana police, he is constantly vigilant on his toes and contemplating about the next step while many feel that Arjun has this weird knack of coming across as mostly tired in his performances it’s after a very long time i was convinced of him as an actor i think after his debut with ishaqzaade and performances like Aurangzeb and Two States this falls in another appearance that is respectable and a clear example of objective improvement.

The veterans and the groove: There are many capable actors in this film that we all love and truly adore Jaydeep Ahlawat as the investigating cop going after the two characters who are running away is so confident in front of camera. he is honestly in the same league as actors like Manoj Vajpayee and the later Irfan khan. Nina Gupta and Raghuveer Yadav as the couple that houses both the characters i think form the best part of this film. Nina Gupta as a wife and the caretaker of the house represents the stories of many women who are oblivious to being bound in relationships, simply for accepting it as the norm Raghuveer Yadav was a judgmental patriarch is hilarious and scary in many ways.

He is the embodiment of the uncle in every family that has a take on every topic under the sky, While having little to no information about it. he judges your ways and will make it a point to remind you exactly that at a family event in front of everyone, I hate such uncles.  with  Raghuveer Yadav his broken english and almost unabashed mistreatment of the opposite sex is so convincingly performed the star of the show however for me was Parineeti chopra and i just have to say that it made me so proud just to see her exist in the moments just be in the moments if you know what i mean.

This notion of the filmy acting that she propagates in interviews recently i think is where she is faltered in the pitch of her performances but my god is she’s so good in this film, her anger boils as the walls start caving in in this movie but she is not animated in communicating that. She commands this understated presence required for such a role and it is this parineeti that the people missed.

It’s sad that due to the lack of promotions very few people are going to see it or even talk about. it i also want to just say that while the movie showcases a commentary on both gender and society. It shows their reality i don’t know why but now, we consider any storyline that showcases a man as a sexist as an attack on the entire gender, the film showcases experiences of people that is their reality

It’s not a blanket statement and should be judged in context of the story being communicated, i see many reviews on imdb casting this film as a waste of time an absolute disaster, you get my point right it isn’t as horrible as people are making it out to be actually, it isn’t horrible at all and it will be easy for me to roast this film get the views talk about Arjun kapoor in a bad way and maybe even convince you not to make an objective decision and watch this movie but i will not judge a movie simply for the people associated with it, while this is definitely not the DIBAKAR’s best film it is an interesting watch which i could recommend to you for the performances and the commentary it showcases.

Rating : 2.5/5