Parineeti Chopra Movie Saina Trailer Review

Recently Parineeti Chopra film Saina trailer released in social media and in past I had already spoken about the obsession of biopics in this country and how it isn’t stopping anytime soon. While saina nehwal is the pride of our nation. There is something odd about the several films being made about such young and living talents. While so many who have passed and have contributed significantly in their fields are not getting the light of day of at least telling their stories.

Irrespective, what i felt while watching the trailer was that Parineeti Chopra, honestly seems like a misfit of Saina Nehwal. I know this is preemptive and i acknowledge the capability of a creator like Amole Gupta but the initial casting of ShraddhaKapoor as saina Nehwal looked spot on as a casting decision. After presumably irreconcilable differences of time being dedicated to the role Shraddha, who i thought was the perfect fit was replaced.

While Parineeti could not impress audiences or critics with a performance in the girl on the train. I am not a fan of the approach taken by the creators to mimic exactly the mumbling and monotone delivery of the real Saina Nehwal.

Parineeti also from a physical standpoint doesn’t mirror the body language of Saina, but as i noticed the trailer further it made me think that Parineeti would have been a better fit, if she was portraying the role of Jwala Gupta rather than Saina Nehwal, i mean the little kid playing saina seemed to be more understated and convincing as the little Saina rather than Parineeti herself

While i understand how the movie is going to be inspirational especially for young women who think 10 times before pursuing sport professionally in this country.

I hope the film is not as inconsistent as the size of the mole on parineeti’s face that from one angle has the subtlety of a seasoned actor but from another angle is as melodramatic as austin powers. i hope Parineeti has taken a different approach other than the filmy one to mark this appearance as the one that changes the game for her. But i have to say that from the trailer it just looked like a generic coming-of-age story that will take the patriotic route and honestly we have seen that so many times in so many biopics.

The bollywood movie “Saina” is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Sujay Jairaj & Rasesh Shah. The biopic, directed by Amole Gupte. Parineeti Chopra is playing lead role in film as SAINA, Music is given by Amaal Mallik . This film will release on 26th March 2021.