Pain Hustlers Cast Salary

Pain Hustlers Cast Salary: Pain Hustlers is a Hollywood crime drama movie, Which is directed by David Yates. Movie Pain Hustlers is produced by Lawrence Grey, David Yates and Yvonne Walcott Yates. Movie star Emily Blunt, Chris Evans, Andy García, Catherine O’Hara, Jay Duplass and Brian d’Arcy James. This movie is based on the book of the same name, which is written by Evan Hughes and released in 2022. The film is released on 27 October 2023 on Theatres. Here is the Pain Hustlers Cast Salary.

1. Emily Blunt as Liza Drake

Salary of Emily Blunt in Pain Hustlers is $ 7 million 

2. Chris Evans

Salary of Chris Evans in Pain Hustlers is $ 12 million 

3. Andy García

Salary of Andy García in Pain Hustlers is $ 550,000

4. Catherine O’Hara

Salary of Catherine O’Hara in Pain Hustlers is $ 320,000

5. Jay Duplass

Salary of Jay Duplass in Pain Hustlers is $ 250,000

6. Brian d’Arcy James

Salary of Brian d’Arcy James in Pain Hustlers is $ 200,000

7. Chloe Coleman

Salary of Chloe Coleman in Pain Hustlers is $ 80,000

8. Amit Shah

Salary of Amit Shah in Pain Hustlers is $ 50,000

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