Napoleon Cast And Their Salary

Napoleon Cast And Their Salary: Napoleon is a Hollywood historical drama movie, Which is directed by Ridley Scott. Movie Napoleon is produced by Ridley Scott, Kevin J. Walsh and Joaquin Phoenix. Movie star Joaquin Phoenix, Vanessa Kirby, Tahar Rahim, Ben Miles and Ludivine Sagnier. The movie Napoleon is released on 22 November 2023 on theatre. Here is the Napoleon Cast And Their Salary.

1. Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte

Salary of Joaquin Phoenix in Napoleon is $ 10 million 

2. Vanessa Kirby as Empress Joséphine

Salary of Vanessa Kirby in Napoleon is $ 1 million 

3. Tahar Rahim as Paul Barras

Salary of Tahar Rahim in Napoleon is $ 420,000

4. Ben Miles as Caulaincourt

Salary of Ben Miles in Napoleon is $ 400,000

5. Ludivine Sagnier as Theresa Cabarrus

Salary of Ludivine Sagnier in Napoleon is $ 320,000

6. Matthew Needham as Lucien Bonaparte

Salary of Matthew Needham in Napoleon is $ 300,000

7. Youssef Kerkour as Marshal Davout

Salary of Youssef Kerkour in Napoleon is $ 250,000

8. Phil Cornwell as Sanson ‘The Bourreau’

Salary of Phil Cornwell in Napoleon is $ 200,000

9. Édouard Philipponnat as Tsar Alexander

Salary of Édouard Philipponnat in Napoleon is $ 150,000

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