Mumbai Saga Movie Review, Analysis and Rating | John Abraham, Emraan Hashmi

Everyone assumed that bollywood has made a comeback, When Ruhi hit the theaters but the real test of whether the indian audience will come storming under the theaters for pure commercial hindi films happened this weekend, When the Sanjay Gupta written produced and directed film Mumbai’s Saga released. The film with stars John Abraham and Imran Hashmi in lead roles going head to head with each other is an extension of the genre in which Sanjay Gupta has already done several films

The sanjay gupta’s special traits are something that the audiences are privy to, but i’ll elaborate on that later the film focuses on Amartya Rao played by John Abraham and is raised from an ordinary man, Who takes up guns and the life of crime in order to provide a better future for his brother and rule mumbai. The film is set in the 80s and 90s as Bombay transforms into Mumbai, and the city was notorious for its gangs and massacres happening in broad daylight

As slowly the gangster gains prominence and influence in the city, He makes many foes that lead to a bounty being placed for 10 crores and cross paths with an encounter specialist in the form of Savarkar played by Imran Hashmi, to do everything he can to eliminate Rao. The cat and mouse chase and the politics involved in the grand scheme of things forms the storyline of Mumbai’s Saga. Here’s me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film and no particular order, So that you guys can ultimately decide whether to watch it in theaters or not

The standout performers : it’s very important to understand that this film is a John Abraham show. The film which is based on true events follows more or less the journey of a Amartya Rao, so much of the heavy lifting has to be done by John Abraham. He is an interesting figure that way who has the ability in moments to surprise me. The sheer physicality of John on the big screen lends to this intimidating presence that is ideal for what commercial mass hindi cinema requires. John through this film channelizes what he successfully did as manya survey in shootout at vadala, He especially shines in action sequences and moments of rage, even though he has the tendency to shout almost to a screeching level in order to communicate angst it works for the medium in which the film is showcased.

It is in the lighter and emotional moments where the limited range of an actor like John gets exposed you know i’m one of those silent observers of a performer like Imran hashmi, i still stand by the fact that his best performances in his filmography are the ones in shanghai and tigers but the future lineup of commercial films that he has in store really does make me wonder, Whether he’ll get his deserved respect finally irrespective he gets to show off in the second half of this film and honestly does as is required from the script. His cheeky laughter and smug look at the actions of the criminal selves well in theaters. it isn’t however a performance that will be remembered in the future months or years to come as there’s so little to do, but as i witnessed this film in almost a packed theater the one actor that constantly developed laughter and whistles from the audience was amole gupta as the antagonist gaitonde

Amol gupte is so effortless with his comic timing and delivery that every scene he featured in represented why people love what is termed as dialogue bazi in commercial cinema, trust me he steals the show whenever he comes on screen. Even Mahesh Manjrekar puts forth a credible and convincing performance as a politician, who carefully utilizes his pawns. Similar tropes and aware audience you know there was a time in the early 2000s where i considered Sanjay Gupta to be one of the coolest directors in bollywood. In retrospect i actually understood that it was the lack of exposure, i had to global cinema that actually made me sing his praises

A lot of Sanjay Gupta’s filmography or at least the ideas are borrowed from some of the most celebrated international films, from Kante to Musafir to Zinda they were all borrowed concepts but while this is an accepted fact by now he has made a name for himself with the gangster genre set in Mumbai. What is undeniable however is that you have seen this film it isn’t really any different from the mafia or crime thriller set in Mumbai that you have already seen, actually it doesn’t come close to even the classics or the commercially successful ones even the ones sanjay gupta himself has created.

The film has Sanjay Gupta’s staple sepia green tinge visualization which is rationalized as necessary for the gangster genre but we have all seen films that communicated the violence angst and crime of the city of Mumbai without this greenish yellow tinge and successfully, so i don’t understand really the reason for it but i guess the director will stick to his vision. The film has an over-reliance also on the background music and the sad case is that the dialogues are also not so hard hitting or even quotable as memes on twitter, so a lot of the dialogues are delivered and the bgm kicks in but the impact is lackluster, dialogues like beta nahin tune baaap paida kiya there are many unintentionally funny moments in this film, don’t even get me started about the trope of characters finding people violent item song plays in the background it’s become hilarious at this point.

The honey singh song placement in the movie is so abrupt it’s actually amusing you know what you signed up for the important point about this movie and while i write this piece is that i know the movie i am going in for, so while i manage my expectations i acknowledge that i cannot have the sensibilities of a ship of theseus while going in to watch a Marjava right but my only issue is that even while knowing what i’m going in for i was disappointed at even those commercial tropes. The action in the film has this over the top quality of movies like Satyamav Jayate and while john looks menacing as ever i’m more of a fan of what he did in films like force and Rocky Handsome.

There is a precision and quality of choreography that was top notch in those films, this is more or less a lot of people flying around as John just flicks his wrist also you would be naive not to notice that the iconic bathroom action sequence is literally borrowed from the action scene from mission impossible fallout, what is the theme and forgettable appearances you know i wondered while watching the film that what is technically the genre of this movie is it an out and out action film well they’re just like three full-on action sequences, so it’s more of a crime thriller and what he terribly missed was the two primary characters having a go at each other constantly.

The sad reality of a film like Mumbai Saga is that it doesn’t fully utilize its biggest strengths together enough at all John Abraham and Imran Hashmi there is one scene of both of them sharing dialogues with one another and it isn’t enough to generate more animosity between the two characters. The reason for the payoff being so beautiful in a crime thriller like once upon a time in Mumbai is because of the time spent with characters like sultan and shoaib. The relationship developing into resentment and anger was organic.

Whereas in mumbai saga it just comes across as a task at hand also i have to say a lot of the supporting cast is terribly underutilized. I was so happy to see actors like Sunil Shetty and Pratik Babar but they have barely anything to do in this film. So while the movie does have an ensemble cast only the standout performers that i’ve already mentioned have meaty roles to deal with, The final act of the film could have really explored how the loyalties in such a landscape are constantly oscillating. You know people in power or who have any influence who have to look over their shoulder constantly the film in its final act lacks that sense of shock as it only provides the main twist in passing rather than really delivering it with a bang to the audience

While i acknowledge it’s important to judge this film with commercial cinema sensibilities, i think it would be justified if i created a tier list of mafia films set in mumbai and where they stand if satya and black friday is in the god tier and Once upon a time in mumbai, Kaminey and Shoot out at lokhandwala pesa vasul and well Once upon a time in mumbai dubara is ghar chalo then i think Shootout at vadala and Mumbai saga fall in the same category of thik hai but just in moments. Please Share Your Opinion Also.

Rating : 2/5