Kartik Aryan Movie Dhamaka Teaser Review

After a lot of wait Kartik Aryan fans get relieved to see Kartik in new movie teaser. Kartik Aryan dhamaka movie is a remake of the 2014 south korean film the terror life. The south korean film is about a man, who due to certain circumstances is demoted from his prime time anchor job and is sidelined to host a 24 7 current affairs radio program. Only for one fine day to be contacted and be alerted that a blast will take place not taking the threat seriously and urging the terrorists to carry on the bridge is blown up, and what eventually manifests is how different parties use the situation for their own vested interests.

Newscasters for notoriety producers for trp and fringe groups for vengeance. Noticing the poster of the maka assume that the blast will take place on the mumbai ceiling. Only for karthik Aryan and his trp greedy producer amrita sabash get an exclusive on the story, so that all eyes are glued on them. Only to realize in retrospect that they are dealing with the situation out of their control. Ram advani is a phenomenal director who beyond creating products like Neerja and Arya has also churned out a convincing performance from an actor like sonam kapoor .

While i was not convinced of the sharp pitch and dialogue delivery of karthik from the teaser, i can only wish that he doesn’t advertise his performance in the film’s entirety. Karthik desperately needs a change from his comfort zone of playing the lovable and carefree boy from a small town in comedies and i feel this will be the perfect opportunity. Social media is also divided over the this film teaser performance, some are liking it and some are calling it poor, what did you think of the teaser.

Dhamaka is Directed by Ram Madhvani and Produced by Ronnie Screwvala, Amita Madhvani & Ram Madhvani.