Golda Cast Salary

Golda Cast Salary: Golda is a Hollywood drama movie, which is directed by Guy Nattiv. Movie Golda is produced by Michael Kuhn, Jane Hooks and Nicholas Martin. This film is based on the real life of Golda Meir. Golda Meir was the 4th prime minister of Israel. 

This film mainly focus on Yom Kippur War, which happened between Israel and Arab. In Yom Kippur War, Prime minister Golda provide victory to Israel. Movie star Helen Mirren, Camille Cottin, Liev Schreiber, Lior Ashkenazi and Dvir Benedek. The film is released on 25 August 2023 on Theatres.

Helen Mirren is playing the lead role in the film, She is playing the role of Golda Meir, who was Israel 4th prime minister. Helen Mirren usually charge a salary between 2 to 8 million, depending upon the role in film. 

In this film she is the lead actor, so she is charging a salary of $ 8 million from film producers. Whereas Camille Cottin is getting $ 250,000 and Rami Heuberger is charging $ 250,000. Here is the other Golda Cast Salary.

1. Helen Mirren as Golda Meir

Salary of Helen Mirren in The Golda is $ 8 million 

2. Camille Cottin as Lou Kaddar

Salary of Camille Cottin in The Golda is $ 300,000

3. Rami Heuberger as Moshe Dayan

Salary of Rami Heuberger in The Golda is $ 250,000

4. Ohad Knoller as Ariel Sharon

Salary of Ohad Knoller in The Golda is $ 200,000

5. Lior Ashkenazi as David Elazar

Salary of Lior Ashkenazi in The Golda is $ 200,000

6. Dominic Mafham as Haim Bar-Lev

Salary of Dominic Mafham in The Golda is $ 150,000

7. Ellie Piercy as Shir Shapiro

Salary of Ellie Piercy in The Golda is $ 110,000

8. Ed Stoppard as Benny Peled

Salary of Ed Stoppard in The Golda is $ 80,000

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