Ferrari Cast Salary

Ferrari Cast Salary: Ferrari is a Hollywood biographical sports thriller movie, Which is directed by Michael Mann. Movie Ferrari is produced by John Lesher, Gareth West and Andrea Iervolino. Movie Ferrari is based on the Book Enzo Ferrari: The Man and the Machine, Which is written by Brock Yates in 1991. Movie star Adam Driver, Penélope Cruz, Shailene Woodley, Sarah Gadon and Gabriel Leone. Movie Ferrari is made on the budget of $90 million. The film is released on 25 December 2023 on Theatres. Here is the Ferrari Cast Salary.

1. Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari

Salary of Adam Driver in Ferrari is $3 million 

2. Penélope Cruz as Laura Ferrari

Salary of Penélope Cruz in Ferrari is $2 million 

3. Shailene Woodley as Lina Lardi

Salary of Shailene Woodley in Ferrari is $ 750,000

4. Gabriel Leone as Alfonso de Portago

Salary of Gabriel Leone in Ferrari is $ 250,000

5. Sarah Gadon as Linda Christian

Salary of Sarah Gadon in Ferrari is $ 220,000

6. Jack O’Connell as Peter Collins

Salary of Jack O’Connell in Ferrari is $ 170,000

7. Patrick Dempsey as Piero Taruffi

Salary of Patrick Dempsey in Ferrari is $ 500,000

8. Michele Savoia as Carlo Chiti

Salary of Michele Savoia in Ferrari is $ 150,000

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