Faltu Cast Salary

Faltu Cast Salary: Faltu is a Hindi drama television show, Which is directed by Sanjay Satavase, Maanish Singh and Vinod Rautela. Tv show Faltu is produced by Sushanta Das. Tv show star Niharika Chouksey, Aakash Ahuja, Drishti Thakur, Thakur Rajveer Singh and Farida Venkat. Tv show Faltu was first telecasted on 2 November 2022 on StarPlus channel. It is also streamed on ott platform Disney+ Hotstar. Tv show Faltu is getting positive response from the fans and also getting good TRP.

Niharika Chouksey is playing the main lead role of Faltu Ayaan Mittal in the show, She is the wife of Ayaan Mittal. Niharika Chouksey is charging a salary of Rs 30 thousand Per Episode from the show makers. Aakash Ahuja is playing the role of Ayaan Mittal, He is getting the salary of Rs 30 thousand Per Episode from the show producers. Drishti Thakur and Thakur Rajveer Singh is getting a salary of Rupees 12 thousand Per Episode. Here is the Faltu Cast Per Episode Salary.

1. Niharika Chouksey as Faltu Ayaan Mittal

Salary of Niharika Chouksey in Faltu is Rs 30 thousand Per Episode

2. Aakash Ahuja as Ayaan Mittal

Salary of Aakash Ahuja in Faltu is Rs 30 thousand Per Episode

3. Drishti Thakur as Tanisha Mittal

Salary of Drishti Thakur in Faltu is Rs 12 thousand Per Episode

4. Thakur Rajveer Singh as Pappi Ji

Salary of Thakur Rajveer Singh in Faltu is Rs 12 thousand Per Episode

5. Farida Venkat as Mayawati Thakur

Salary of Farida Venkat in Faltu is Rs 7 thousand Per Episode

6. Mahesh Thakur as Janardhan Mittal

Salary of Mahesh Thakur in Faltu is Rs 15 thousand Per Episode

7. Vibhavari Pradhan as Savita Mittal

Salary of Vibhavari Pradhan in Faltu is Rs 10 thousand Per Episode

8. Rakhee Tandon as Sumitra Mittal

Salary of Rakhee Tandon in Faltu is Rs 12 thousand Per Episode

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