Cuckoo Cast And Their Salary

Cuckoo Cast And Their Salary: Cuckoo is a Hollywood psychological horror movie, Which is directed by Tilman Singer. Movie Cuckoo is produced by Markus Halberschmidt, Josh Rosenbaum and Maria Tsigka. Movie star Hunter Schafer, Jan Bluthardt, Marton Csokas and Jessica Henwick. Cuckoo is released on 9 August 2024 on theatres. Here is the Cuckoo Cast And Their Salary.

Original LanguageEnglish
Release Date9 August 2024
Directed ByTilman Singer
Produced ByMarkus Halberschmidt, Josh Rosenbaum and Maria Tsigka
Budget$30 million

1. Hunter Schafer as Gretchen

Salary of Hunter Schafer in Cuckoo is $550,000

2. Dan Stevens as Mr. König

Salary of Dan Stevens in Cuckoo is $400,000

4. Jessica Henwick as Beth

Salary of Jessica Henwick in Cuckoo is $350,000

5. Marton Csokas as Luis

Salary of Marton Csokas in Cuckoo is $300,000

6. Greta Fernández as Trixie

Salary of Greta Fernández in Cuckoo is $200,000

7. Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey as Ed

Salary of Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey in Cuckoo is $150,000

8. Jan Bluthardt

Salary of Jan Bluthardt in Cuckoo is $300,000

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