Cast of Psycho Movie

Cast of Psycho Movie: Psycho is a Hollywood psychological horror thriller film, which is produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This movie was based on the 1959 novel of the same name, which is written by Robert Bloch. The film stars Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, John Gavin, Martin Balsam and John McIntire. The film is released on 16  June 1960 on theatres. Here is the The Cast of Psycho Movie.

1. Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates

2. Vera Miles as Lila Crane

3. John Gavin as Sam Loomis

4. Martin Balsam as Private Investigator Arbogast

5. John McIntire as Deputy Sheriff Al Chambers

6. Simon Oakland as Dr. Richmond

7. Frank Albertson as Tom Cassidy

8. Pat Hitchcock as Caroline

Psycho Trailer