Bell Bottom Trailer Review & Analysis | Akshay Kumar, Vaani Kapoor, Lara Dutta

Directed by : Ranjit M Tewari
Written by : Aseem Arrora & Parveez Shaikh
Produced by : Vashu Bhagnani, Jackky Bhagnani & Deepshikha Deshmukh
Starring : Akshay Kumar, Vaani Kapoor, Huma Qureshi & Lara Dutta

It’s crazy to think that Akshay Kumar and the team of Bell Bottom finished the shooting of the film in 40 days during the height of the pandemic. It is reflective of the man’s work ethic and his relentless pursuit to at least have three to four releases per year.

Talking about the trailer, all you all know how skeptical i get when i see the duration of the first look. The trailers of Bhujh and Mimi really frustrated me for the amount of beats, it was ready to spell out as if providing a movie summary. But to my surprise even though Bell Bottoms trailer is close to 3 minutes and 20 seconds long. It just provided enough, where i can considerably be invested and look forward to watching the film.

I think what the marketing team of the trailer has done well is that they have showcased the premise at hand and then categorically fleshed out the mission at hand through a montage backed by an engaging background score. It is refreshing to see that while several revelations of the mission at hand could have easily been spelled out. There has been a reservation in that case which i think while noticing the current climate of trailers giving away too much was rather refreshing.

Akshay Kumar is definitely in his comfort zone. This is truly a tried and tested method that most of the time simply works. Akshay Kumar has noticed immense success with films like Baby and Airlift and it is no denying the fact that the film actually looks like an extended version of the same universe. I mean Akshay Kumar more or less looks like his Baby character Rajesh Singh Rajput in this film and the premise to put him in foreign soil to rescue civilians for the country is literally reminiscent of airlift.

So, the criticism of a sense of similarity existing from what audiences have already seen from Akshay Kumar’s filmography is justified. Do you also feel Bell Bottom isn’t too far off from the characters, Akshay Kumar has already made popular, can i just tell you what i absolutely did not like about the trailer.

So what is it about our special effects and vfx department that our scenes especially the ones that are of humongous scale still look cartoonish, I understand that the film has been shot during lockdown and that has its own restrictions, but it’s still sad to see that films which are being advertised as the big releases still have so many jarring visuals that takes away from the otherwise engaging and realistic visuals.

Looking at some of the shots of the plane and the dust storm just reminded me of the lack of strides, we have taken in the technical department and probably for the sake of everyone’s eyes, we should hire red chillies entertainment for every film because honestly they are killing it, also aren’t you guys tired of the trope of some of these star-led action films or thrillers, where a mission is about to happen and when characters are formulating their plan one person has to without fail go, Eak aadmi hai jisko sab pata hai, i mean these missions are so complex and have the requirement of so many factions to work in perfect order.

I find it almost laughable when create is presented as if one man is responsible for the success of such complicated tasks. I would still recommend you any way to read the book the cowboys of raw by b ramen, an ex-raw agent with 26 years of experience who recounts being a key element in the success of this mission. It will provide you a more realistic take rather than the bollywood version we will anyway have a good time watching and are looking forward to.

Also one more thing when you’re cutting a trailer there has to be a guy on the editing table approving it right so i can imagine one of them being like Eak bilkul crowd pleasing dialogue hai na wo bhi trailer mai dalna hai. My point is compare the impact of that dialogue to the dialogue in the trailer of bell bottom, who thought that this velcro and ass wiping dialogue was in any way impactful  i’ll be honest i cringed did you too.

I will confess to watching the trailer, then upon revisiting it and understanding that Lara Dutta was in the trailer i was like god damn this is some epic makeup and prosthetic skills, that i can’t even recognize the actor. it reminded me of how mind blown i was when i saw the darkest hour and realized oh that’s gary oldman. While i’m sure Vaani Kapoor will be the understanding spouse who will have little to no consequence to the mission at hand and will just come in and out as she pleases it’s good to see actors like Lara Dutta, Aadil Husan and Huma Qureshi who are considerably dependable actors.

Is it just me also did i get partially hyped or started tapping my feet to the beat the moment the background score of the film kicked in the trailer, the score is composed by Tanisk Bagchi, which makes you just realize that another addition to my unpopular opinions will be that if this man tries he can create some original gems. I saw a lot of people try to create a parallel with florida’s turn around but that’s a bit of a stretch the score composed by Tanisk Bagchi, is genuinely catchy and fits perfectly well for a genre like an espionage thriller.

I necessarily don’t understand the need for the film to be in 3d other than the fact that the creators want to increase their profit margins as the price of tickets inadvertently increases with this specific change, irrespective of whatever their reasoning may be i’m still looking forward to the film as i genuinely feel it may surprise us. If i look at the Independence day releases happening from the hindi film industry i would say i’m most hyped for Shershah, bell bottom comes a close second and i’m the most skeptical about Bhuj.