5 Reasons Why ‘Haider’ is a Must Watch For Movie Lovers

Reason #1:

Watch the Birth of a Classic: Vishal Bhardwaj has created a classic by which all future movies will be measured. Everything is in its place – the acting, the star cast and the supporting cast, the plot, the cinematography, the editing – you name it and its in its place. Haider is an unforgettable film that cannot go wrong. It moves ahead without stumbling.

Reason #2:

For Kashmir of 1995: Haider depicts the difficult times of a bleeding Kashmir in 1995. Bhardwaj casts a brave, unflinching eye on the Kashmiri struggle. With treachery at every corner, where your own beloveds betray. Those were the times.

Reason #3:

The Amazing Photography: Kashmir has been portrayed in Bollywood from the times of Shammi Kapoor, but never thus. It has been photographed from the eyes of a desperate lover. Pankaj Kapoor has excelled himself in the movie. Kashmir was never more stark or more beautiful.

Reason #4:

The Plot: Though Haider is an adaptation of Hamlet, it is not Hamlet. It moves beyond the Bard and finds its own path. The missing of those times were never more portrayed so sensitively. Kudos to the Censor Dept of clearing the movie with such a sensitive plot.

Reason #5:

For the Acting: If you were planning to see the movie because of the chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor, forget it. Here is Shahid who is an unbathed, shabby, obsessed Haider. Here you have the classic Tabu, who has the knack of moving beyond the script. Here you have Kay Kay Menon, Irrfan Khan and Narendra Jha who do full justice to their roles. And surprise, surprise – we have a Bollywood heroine at last who doesn’t care about her designer clothes or her makeup – Shraddha Kapoor.

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Showbiz Galore Rating: 5/5 It can get no better!